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Executive M.Tech in Cloud Computing – IIT Patna

600 hours
27 Lessons

Cloud computing, the lifetime dream of computing as a utility, …

What you'll learn
To understand the need for cloud, virtualization, and security issues in cloud computing
To understand the principles of data warehousing and data mining
To understand the need and importance of machine learning
Design, build and configure complex routed and switched networks
Evaluate the strategic value of Cloud Computing using IT Governance and Compliance
Design and program efficient algorithms related to Machine Learning
Critically analyze case studies to derive the best practice model

VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Management and Automation

20 hours
57 Lessons

VMware Certified Professional - Cloud Management and Automation certification validates …

What you'll learn
Get to know how to use various VMware Tools such as VMware vSphere, VMware vRealize, VMware Horizon, VMware Carbon Black App, VMware Workspace, and VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer, and more
Showcase your expertise in understanding various VMware services by undertaking relevant training course to help enterprises achieve digital resilience
With VMware certification credentials, get instant recognition from your peers and potential employers worldwide
Embark on a truly rewarding career path with VMware certification training courses that are relevant to your job profile
VMware certified professionals get job opportunities around the world and across industry sectors
Showcase your VMware digital badges to gain global recognition with more than 500,000 organizations that have embraced VMware solutions

Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-304

15 hours
86 Lessons

Microsoft Azure Architect Design is one of the most popular …

What you'll learn
Understanding and identifying the workload requirements
Designing enterprise architecture for security and identity
Gain knowledge to design information platform solution on Azure
Create a business continuity plan
Understand to design enterprise architecture on Azure for migration, integration, and deployment
Create a robust infrastructure plan

Microsoft Azure Devops AZ-400

20 hours
76 Lessons

Microsoft Azure DevOps certification training will help learners master the …

What you'll learn
Create an Azure DevOps organization
Align Azure DevOps work items using Agile, Scrum, or Basic work processes
Understand the basic DevOps
Push a code Repo from the command line of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Microsoft Azure Developer AZ-204

30 hours
125 Lessons

Microsoft Azure Developing Solution is intended for developers to validate …

What you'll learn
Creating, configuring, scaling, and deploying App Service platform
Cosmos Database and Azure Blob Storage
Building apps with event-based or message-base architectures
Analyze and trouble shoot the applications
How different types of caching will improve app performance

Microsoft AZ-104 Adminstrator

25 hours
20 Lessons

Microsoft Azure 104 Administrators are responsible for implementing, managing, and monitoring …

What you'll learn
How to manage Azure identities and governance
How to implement and manage Azure Storage
How to deploy and manage Azure compute resources
How to configure and manage Azure virtual networking
How to monitor and back up Azure resources

Certified Information Systems Auditor – CISA Certification

25 hours
47 Lessons

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certification course is one …

What you'll learn
A thorough understanding of knowledge and skills required for an IS Auditor
Insights into the level of knowledge required to meet the complexities of a digital business landscape
An in-depth understanding of auditing information systems
Knowledge of management and governance of IT processes and systems
Understanding of acquisition, development, test, and implementation of critical business information systems
Thorough knowledge of managing, maintaining, and securing information assets

AWS Devops Engineering Professional

14 hours
42 Lessons

AWS DevOps Engineering Professional Online Course helps professionals to prepare …

What you'll learn
Pass the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification (DOP-C01)
Create automations between all the various AWS services
All Hands-On advanced course to provide you the experience needed to pass the exam
Perform operations that will teach you real-world skills