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CBAP® Certification Training

35 hours
47 Lessons

Equip yourself with advanced business analysis skills with this CBAP …

What you'll learn
Gain in-depth understanding of Business Analysis (BA) and the different areas of BA application.
Understand the role of a Business Analyst and the responsibilities in the several job titles.
Identify the six components of BACCM, the interactions between them, and how they define the conceptual BA framework.
Learn the six perspectives of BA and the application of BA from those perspectives.
Master the concepts outlined in the BABOK Guide v3
Understand the six Knowledge Areas in the BABOK Guide v3 and how they inter-relate.
Dive deep into who a stakeholder is, their roles, functions and how best to collaborate with them.

SAP S/4 HANA Administration

24 hours
51 Lessons

SAP S/4 HANA system administrators are responsible for installing and …

What you'll learn
Setup up an SAP HANA Environment
Install SAP HANA in different modes and Configurations
Operate and Administer SAP HANA Landscape
Monitor SAP HANA with different Monitoring Tools

Data Analytics Live Training

108 hours
51 Lessons

In today's world, properly leveraged data can give organizations of …

What you'll learn
Connect MS Power BI to simple datasets in MS Excel and SQL
Build simple data models within MS Power BI
Select and execute appropriate Visualisations within MS Power BI
Create a dashboard to explore data and answer queries using MS Power BI
Publish and share insightful reports to stakeholders using MS Power BI
Run fundamental analytics using the DAX language
Understand how to use Power BI Online and Power BI Desktop
Perform Big Data Analytics using Real World Scenario
Transform Big Data and customize
Create Powerful Visualization based on Big Data

Business Analysis

20 hours
106 Lessons

Business Analysis is an amazing field with tons of job …

What you'll learn
Business Analysis basics – learn what a Business Analyst is, what they do, and how they do it
Learn how to properly initiate a project by creating a business case that aligns with the business objectives
Understand the basics of project requirements and popular techniques used to elicit those details from your stakeholders
Conduct requirement specification - including categorizing, deriving (breaking apart), prioritizing, and validating
Have the confidence to successfully facilitate requirements approval meetings

Microsoft Power BI Training

16 hours
44 Lessons

Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. …

What you'll learn
Analyse data from different data sources and create their own datasets
Able to comfortably work with the different tools of the Power BI universe and know how the different tools work together
Learn how to manage data to draw conclusions from otherwise meaningless information
Understand and use Data Gateways, Content packs, Power BI Report Server

Sales Management Course for Beginners

15 hours
29 Lessons

Sales management is the process of developing a sales force, …

What you'll learn
Able to Learn Sales Management
Able to Learn Steps in Sales Management
Able to Learn Sales Methodologies
Understand about Techniques
Understand about Strategy

Supply Chain Management

24 hours
53 Lessons
All Levels

Supply chain management is the handling of the entire production …

What you'll learn
Aims and Objectives of a good Supply Chain
Improve a Supply Chain by reducing Delays, Uncertainties and Decision Tiers
Match your Product to your Supply Chain's Design Type
Forecasting Demand and why we need more Collaborative Forecasting
Increase Profitability, Improve Delivery and Use your Resources more Efficiently

Operations Management Course

15.5 hours
32 Lessons

Operations management plays an important role in producing and delivering …

What you'll learn
Operations Management and the Organization
Product and Service Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management
Forecasting and Capacity Planning
Operations Scheduling
Management of Quality in Operations
Facilities Planning and Management