Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the handling of the entire production flow of a good or service — starting from the raw components all the way to delivering the final product to the consumer.

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About This Course

In Supply Chain Management course, you’ll explore the components of a supply chain and the key objectives of SCM, such as cost reduction and delivery optimization. You’ll learn how organizations combine SCM strategies. You’ll explore the components of the supply chain, including the role of the supplier, and cover the key drivers that impact its efficiency.

You’ll also consider the characteristics of service supply chain management, and learn about related strategies.

Learning Objectives

Aims and Objectives of a good Supply Chain
Improve a Supply Chain by reducing Delays, Uncertainties and Decision Tiers
Match your Product to your Supply Chain's Design Type
Forecasting Demand and why we need more Collaborative Forecasting
Increase Profitability, Improve Delivery and Use your Resources more Efficiently

Target Audience

  • Job seekers looking to find employment in supply chain organizations
  • SCM service providers
  • Supply chain departments of various companies
  • Students generally wanting to improve their skill set
  • Existing employees looking for a better role


53 Lessons24h

Supply Chain Basics

Understanding the supply chain
What drives supply chain management
Supply chain characteristics
Organizational supply chain strategies
Selecting the best supply chain strategies
How to measure supply chain performance
Supplier Selection
Supplier communication
Supplier Performance
Supplier Improvement
Supplier Certification, Partnerships, & Alliances
Supplier Logistics

Fundamentals of Purchasing & Vendor Management

Sources for Supply

Selecting Suppliers & Administering Contracts

Evaluating Supplier Performance & Managing Supplier Relationships

Supply chain Modelling

Demand Forecasting & Capacity Management

Inventory Management

Total Quality Management

Operation Management

Strategic Product & Service Management



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