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Selenium Automation Testing

15 hours
38 Lessons

MNCs to Startups all big and large organizations are investing …

What you'll learn
Understanding Selenium
Selenium Components
Selenium IDE
Scripts in IDE
All Core java concepts
Cross Browser testing
Selenium Automation framework

Unix Operating System Course

15 hours

Do you want to learn the fundamental architecture and commands …

What you'll learn
Basics of Unix Operating System
Basic directory and file movement commands
Learn security and network administration
Write batch scripts using shell scripting

Cyber Security Fundamentals

15 hours

Cyber security is the combination of processes, practices, and technologies …

What you'll learn
Learn the fundamentals of Cybersecurity
Learn how to successfully architect a Cybersecurity
Learn how to implement control frameworks
Learn how to architect a security risk
Understand Cyber essential framework and IT security
Identify the concepts required to recognize and potentially mitigate attacks
Implementing preventative security, monitoring, and setting alerts
Be able to successfully prepare, manage, and respond to incidents
Work with security threats, malware, cyber crime, callbacks, ransomware, and rootkits

Embedded System

25 hours

Embedded System course offers microcontroller programming for beginners, as well …

What you'll learn
Better knowledge of programming and how to implement it for actual development requirements in the industrial projects and applications.
Design and improve testing and maintenance activities and procedures.
Design, implement and develop important applications in a Embedded System environment.

Internet of Things (IoT) Training

25 hours
82 Lessons

Internet of Things (IoT) is driving today's technology by connecting …

What you'll learn
Understand the basics of IoT, which will help you leverage new ideas and applications
Build your own undertakings utilizing The Raspberry Pi
Discover attributes to consider before building an IoT brilliant gadget
Build a Raspberry Pi-based brilliant gadget by associating various sensors and actuators

Certified Ethical Hacker CEH v11 Training

40 hours

Ethical hacking is referred to as Penetration Testing, red teaming …

What you'll learn
Ethical hacking concepts, cyber kill chain concepts, an overview of information security, security controls, and various laws and regulations related to information security.
Footprinting concepts and methodologies and utilizing footprinting tools along with the countermeasures
Cloud computing, threats and security, essentials of container technology and serverless computing
Enumeration techniques that now includes NFS enumeration and related tools, DNS cache snooping, and DNSSEC Zone walking along with the countermeasures
Concepts of vulnerability assessment, its types, and solutions along with a hands-on experience of industrial tools used
Phases of system hacking, attacking techniques to obtain, escalate, and maintain access on victim along with covering tracks.
Malware threats, analysis of various viruses, worms and trojans like Emotet and battling them to prevent data. Packet sniffing concepts, techniques, and protection against the same.
Social engineering concepts and related terminologies like identity theft, impersonation, insider threats, social engineering techniques, and countermeasures
Web server and web application-based attacks, methodologies
SQL injection, hijacking, and evasion techniques
Wireless encryption, wireless hacking, and Bluetooth hacking-related concepts
Mobile device management, mobile platform attack vectors, and vulnerabilities related to Android and iOS systems
Recognizing the vulnerabilities in IoT and ensuring the safety of IoT devices
Encryption algorithms, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), cryptographic attacks, and cryptanalysis

CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Essentials Training

25 hours
111 Lessons

The CompTIA A+ certification is the starting point for those …

What you'll learn
All the fundamentals needed to start a career in IT hardware
Demonstrate competence in knowledge in the basics of computer technology, networking, and security
All about hardware: monitors, CPUs, motherboards, hard drives, RAM, and more
Learn to work with hardware, peripherals, networking, and security components
Understand the basics of preventative maintenance, basic networking, installation, troubleshooting and communication skills
How to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification Core 1 (220-1001) exam
The skills to be a great IT and computer tech
How to repair and configure mobile devices
How to set up and configure basic networks
How to build everything from a basic workstation to an awesome gaming system
How to troubleshoot hardware and network issues

CISM Training

32 hours
77 Lessons

This Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) training course focuses on …

What you'll learn
​Demonstrate a deep understanding of the relationship between information security programs and broader business goals and objectives
Get a thorough experience of development and management of an information security program, and how can it generate value for businesses
Understand, define and design a security architecture for your organization’s IT operations
​Focus on IT compliance and the integrity of enterprise systems to establish a more secure enterprise IT framework
​​Learn how to align business goals with organization’s IT safety and security
Develop a working knowledge of the four domains prescribed by ISACA
​​Gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to pass the CISM exam by ISACA
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