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RPA Training

25 hours
41 Lessons

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is being heralded as one of …

What you'll learn
Introduction to Robotic Process Automation
Design considerations for RPA solution
Capturing and interpreting existing application
Advantages of Robotic Process Automation
Windows Desktop RPA software UiPath
Automation of back office repetitive processes
Using variables and arguments for data manipulation
Text and image Automation with RPA
Workflow automation, debugging and exception handling

R Programming for Data Science

12 hours
47 Lessons

R Programming is a language for statistical computing and graphics …

What you'll learn
Understand critical programming language concepts
Configure statistical programming software
Make use of R loop functions and debugging tools
Collect detailed information using R
Learn how to create variables
Understand the Normal distribution

Android App Development for Beginners

15 hours
57 Lessons

Android is the ubiquitous operating system found in millions of …

What you'll learn
Android installation and setup for Android development
Concept of Layout and Views in Android development
Different ways to store your data on an Android device
Lists and Fragments in Android development

Embedded System

25 hours

Embedded System course offers microcontroller programming for beginners, as well …

What you'll learn
Better knowledge of programming and how to implement it for actual development requirements in the industrial projects and applications.
Design and improve testing and maintenance activities and procedures.
Design, implement and develop important applications in a Embedded System environment.

Perl Programming

10 hours
46 Lessons

Perl Programming is a robust and flexible application development language …

What you'll learn
Design a Perl Application.
Create automated applications that does the work for you,
Create enhanced text analyzer applications

Internet of Things (IoT) Training

25 hours
82 Lessons

Internet of Things (IoT) is driving today's technology by connecting …

What you'll learn
Understand the basics of IoT, which will help you leverage new ideas and applications
Build your own undertakings utilizing The Raspberry Pi
Discover attributes to consider before building an IoT brilliant gadget
Build a Raspberry Pi-based brilliant gadget by associating various sensors and actuators

Content Writing

15 hours
39 Lessons

Our Content Writing Course is the most comprehensive course in …

What you'll learn
Goal Setting Exercise to help you set and accomplish writing goals
Learn to develop your own blog/website
Be a professional content marketer
Develop an ability to write content on most complex topic
Develop sound vocabulary and language skills and transform your writing style

AI and ML Fundamentals Course

60 hours
45 Lessons

Do you know the difference between AI and machine learning? …

What you'll learn
Understand all the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and how it is applied
Dive deep into Reinforcement Learning
Navigate through Deep Learning
Understand about Convolutional Neural Network and Recurrent Neural Network
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