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Masters in Total Quality Management

200 hours
67 Lessons
All Levels

Complete Certybox Master in Quality Management!! …

What you'll learn
You will develop the knowledge and skills essential for quality management, including professional and critical reflection skills; people and communication, business and commercial skills; operations management and autonomy (independent), accountability, governance and leadership.
You will develop your knowledge in key areas of quality management including quality, environmental and sustainability systems, risk management, health, well being and safety and planning and decision making scenarios.

Executive MBA in Finance – IIT Patna

600 hours
20 Lessons

Through the tailored curriculum of the EMBA (Finance), students would …

What you'll learn
Requisite knowledge, skills, and right attitude for the global environment
Develop strong ethical values
Develop proactive thinking
Gain in-depth knowledge of portfolio management
Develop an understanding of a capital market's changing domestic and global investment scenario
Manage the finances of an organization using basic risk management concepts, tools, and techniques
Understand and apply basic financial management theory for decisions that are made under uncertainty
Understand the relationship between expected risk and return and employ it accordingly

Executive M.Tech in Cloud Computing – IIT Patna

600 hours
27 Lessons

Cloud computing, the lifetime dream of computing as a utility, …

What you'll learn
To understand the need for cloud, virtualization, and security issues in cloud computing
To understand the principles of data warehousing and data mining
To understand the need and importance of machine learning
Design, build and configure complex routed and switched networks
Evaluate the strategic value of Cloud Computing using IT Governance and Compliance
Design and program efficient algorithms related to Machine Learning
Critically analyze case studies to derive the best practice model

Executive M.Tech in Big Data and Blockchain – IIT Patna

600 hours
30 Lessons

Blockchain and Big Data are the emerging technologies that are …

What you'll learn
To understand the need for big data, challenges and different analytical architectures
To understand the history, types and applications of blockchain
To acquire knowledge about cryptography and consensus algorithms
To identify network vulnerabilities and apply various security mechanisms
Design and implement databases depending on various design issues
Implement algorithms, and estimate their potential effectiveness
Design blockchain-based applications with Swarm and IPFS
Understand the value of statistics as a discipline and its relevance for engineering

Digital Marketing Training

225 hours
33 Lessons
All Levels

Train under industry leaders and become an expert in digital …

What you'll learn
Gain a strategic understanding of Digital Marketing
Understand how to use it for branding and sales
Learn best practices, tools, and techniques of SEO
Master Search Engine Marketing using Google Ads
Understand Email Marketing and work with industry-standard tools such as Mailchimp
Become well-versed with marketing on top social media channels
Know how to create and run an Integrated Digital Marketing campaign
Prepare you to become a complete digital marketer and make you industry ready on day one

SAP CPI with Groovy Scripting Training

45 hours

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) Training makes any SAP PI, …

What you'll learn
You will be creating your own tenant and learning various aspects of SAP CPI.
You'll learn how to use content modifier, number ranges, exception handling, version management in CPI.
You'll also learn request-reply, content enricher, message mapping, content based router, splitter / gather, session handling, etc concepts in SAP CPI
Finally, you'll learn how to code using Groovy script and perform various functions using Groovy.

UI/UX Design Training

8 hours

This course in UI/UX design strategy, Focuses on the core …

What you'll learn
Create mobile app designs from scratch
Create wireframe designs for any digital project
Create mockups using Sketch and other tools
Create animated prototypes
Start a new career as a UI/UX designer

SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching

200 hours

Master your SSC CGL preparation with SSC CGL online courses …

What you'll learn
SSC CGL online course promotes time management in the most effective manner. The online classes are the most reliable in imparting knowledge along with a wide variety of questions that are available on a single platform. SSC CGL online coaching helps to ensure the best preparation, minimises efforts and amplifies the result manifolds.
The overall score will see greater heights by taking the online course for SSC CGL.  You will be provided with the adequate practice of diverse questions in a time-bound setup. The questions will give you purposeful experience with a variety of questions so that you become confident to solve questions of variable difficulty
The online classes for SSC CGL will facilitate you with the most informative, reliable and best quality of study resources that describe the concepts in the syllabus with complete clarity so that you can understand and remember the concepts.