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Payroll Management in Tally ERP9

10 hours
19 Lessons

Payroll Management in Tally ERP9 is integrated with tally accounting …

What you'll learn
Learn how To Enable Payroll Features On Tally ERP9
Learn how To Enter The Opening Balance In Tally ERP9
Learn how To Calculate The Employee's Allowances And Deduction By Using Tally ERP9
Learn how To Calculate Employee's Total Earnings ,Deduction And Net Salary By Using Tally ERP9
Learn how To Get The Pay Slip , Pay Sheet And Payroll Statement On Tally ERP9
Learn how To Cut The Employee's House Loan And Education Loan , Income Tax And Professional Tax

Payroll Management

10 hours
23 Lessons

Payroll Management refers to the process by which an employer …

What you'll learn
Proficiency with payroll software
Compliance knowledge
Hands-on experience on Quickbooks
Strong mathematical skills

Tally ERP 9 for Beginners

8 hours
34 Lessons

Tally ERP 9 is the fastest and most powerful software …

What you'll learn
Accounting With GST in Tally
Stock Management in Tally
GTA - Goods Transport Agency
RCM - Reverse Charge Mechanism
Cost Centre And Cost Categories
Bill Of Materials
Filing Return

Financial Modeling Course

20 hours
33 Lessons

Financial Modeling Course is emerging as one of the most …

What you'll learn
Fast, efficient and accurate Excel skills
Design and construct useful and robust financial modeling applications
Efficient financial forecasting techniques
Create and edit flexible charts

CFA Level 1 Training

35 hours

CFA Level 1 (Chartered Financial Analyst), administered by the CFA® …


GST Training

20 hours
65 Lessons

GST or Goods and Services Tax is the indirect tax …

What you'll learn
How to register under GST Law
How to file GST returns
How to save huge amount of taxes for your business
How to make payment of taxes
Understand all aspects of GST law from practical point of view
Understanding of Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism
Returns and Payment of Tax

IFRS Training

25 hours

We offers a comprehensive course in IFRS. This course is …

What you'll learn
Understand the IFRS standards with practical explanations and examples.
Understand complex financial reporting standards like financial instruments, consolidation, share-based payments, etc.
Understand the new Revenue standard (IFRS 15).
Obtain the actual IAS and IFRS standards used in this course to read and go through whilst the lecturer explains the concepts.

Blockchain Technology

30 hours
95 Lessons

Blockchain is a database technology that acts as a public …

What you'll learn
Insights into the Blockchain technology and its platforms. Structure and mechanism of Blockchain
Understand how Bitcoin transactions are stored and mined on a Blockchain
Develop your private Blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum
How to develop and test your business network on Hyperledger Composer and how-to setup a private Blockchain on MultiChain platform.