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Masters in Digital Marketing Training

225 hours
33 Lessons
All Levels

Train under industry leaders and become an expert in digital …

What you'll learn
Gain a strategic understanding of Digital Marketing
Understand how to use it for branding and sales
Learn best practices, tools, and techniques of SEO
Master Search Engine Marketing using Google Ads
Understand Email Marketing and work with industry-standard tools such as Mailchimp
Become well-versed with marketing on top social media channels
Know how to create and run an Integrated Digital Marketing campaign
Prepare you to become a complete digital marketer and make you industry ready on day one

Masters in Quality Management

150 hours
22 Lessons

Complete Certybox Master in Quality Management!! …

What you'll learn
You will develop the knowledge and skills essential for quality management, including professional and critical reflection skills; people and communication, business and commercial skills; operations management and autonomy (independent), accountability, governance and leadership.
You will develop your knowledge in key areas of quality management including quality, environmental and sustainability systems, risk management, health, well being and safety and planning and decision making scenarios.

Masters in Human Resource Management

250 hours
57 Lessons

Complete Certybox’ Masters in Human Resource Management!! …

What you'll learn
Learn best HR practices.
Earning a higher salary.
Developing leadership skills.
Connecting with professional organizations.
Advancing in your career.
Entering a growing field.
Explores the role of the HR professional, the nature of professionalism and approaches to addressing ethical dilemmas.
Develops people management skills such as interviewing, coaching, managing conflict and managing performance.

Masters in AI & Machine Learning

150 hours
27 Lessons

Masters in AI & Machine Learning program is to become …

What you'll learn
Well Understanding of the meaning, purpose, scope, stages, applications, and effects of Artificial Intelligence.
Build and design your own intelligent agents, applying them to create practical Artificial Intelligence projects.
Skills to master the essential concepts of Python programming.
How to write your own Python scripts and perform basic hands-on data analysis using Jupyter notebook.
In-depth understanding of Data Science processes: data wrangling, data exploration, data visualization, hypothesis building, and testing.
Perform high-level mathematical and technical computing using the NumPy and SciPy packages and data analysis with the Pandas package.
Master the skill to understand the concepts of supervised and unsupervised learning models, including linear regression, logistic regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, K-NN and pipeline, recommendation engine, and time series modeling.
Master your skills on advanced topics in Artificial Intelligence, like convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, training deep networks, and high-level interfaces.

Masters in Project Management

250 hours
17 Lessons

Masters in Project Management course has been designed to provide …

What you'll learn
The tools and techniques to manage the comprehensive project management life cycle for a project - from initiation through closing.
To balance the critical tradeoffs of time, cost and scope to meet customer expectations.
The ability to apply best practices across a variety of industries and businesses.
Lead a project to success, and how to capitalize on the leadership and behavioral facets to do so.
To navigate the social and cultural aspects, legal and regulatory practices, technology and infrastructure that influence projects’ success in the global market.

Masters in Cyber Security

200 hours
50 Lessons
All Levels

Master in Cyber Security program prepares professionals to assume cybersecurity …

What you'll learn
Advance your career with 360° Career Support.
Develops in-depth specialist knowledge and a critical understanding of the key aspects of cyber security and data governance.
Equip you with the skills to manage and analyse an organisation's data assets and security measures, and provide an understanding of data governance principles, practices and technologies.
Focuses on a combination of technology, business and policy to give you a well-rounded insight into the vital ways in which information is collected, stored, communicated and protected.

Masters in Data Science

175 hours
71 Lessons
All Levels

Certybox  offer an online Master Program in Data Science, will …

What you'll learn
Advance your career with 360° Career Support.
Gain Proficiency in Data Management Technologies
Includes Python Programming Bootcamp
Career Essential Soft Skills Program
Job Assistance with Top Organisations