Masters in Quality Management

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About This Course

The goal of the Masters in Quality Management, is to produce Certified Quality Managers, Certified Quality Professionals and Certified Quality Auditors, and to prepare individuals for advanced leadership positions in public and private sectors with specific skills and competencies in quality management.

This course has been designed for anyone involved in project management, and will be of particular interest to Estimators, Builders, Engineers, Construction and Project Managers, Project Coordinators,Works Managers, Quality Managers or those intending to be involved in the area of controlling costs, quality or any other risks on projects.

The Masters Program basically enhance learners generic and transferable skills applicable for industries and realizing the Specific Sector need and focus in creating specialized and technology driven workforce, providing learners with the necessary skills for them to define, measure, analyze, improve and control the quality management and quality improvement plans in their respective organizations.

You will learn to analyze risk at a strategic and operational level and identify suitable controls to eliminate, reduce or transfer such risks.

The course will provide you with a comprehensive underpinning on the areas required to manage quality in contemporary organizations, including total quality management ,strategic quality management, quality, environmental and sustainability systems and performance management.


Learning Objectives

You will develop the knowledge and skills essential for quality management, including professional and critical reflection skills; people and communication, business and commercial skills; operations management and autonomy (independent), accountability, governance and leadership.
You will develop your knowledge in key areas of quality management including quality, environmental and sustainability systems, risk management, health, well being and safety and planning and decision making scenarios.


  • Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized Institution or University
  • Working Professionals

Target Audience

  • Quality Managers,Quality Auditors,Coordinators & Team members
  • People involved in quality check of small or large budgeted projects
  • Quality Managers and team members collaborating with global teams
  • Working professionals with any department or organization with an acumen and interest in Quality who wish to complement and upgrade his/her knowledge in different practical and relevant aspects of this quality check,that will help him/her nurture individual key skills and would be a good Asset for the Company as well,at the same time.


22 Lessons150h

Planning Quality Management

Quality Management Overview
Quality, Grade, Precision, and Accuracy
Project Quality Management Processes
Inputs of Plan Quality Management
Plan Quality Management Tools and Techniques
Cost of Quality
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Outputs of Plan Quality Management
Quality Management Plan

Manage and Control Quality



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Duration 150 hours
22 lectures

Material Includes

  • 11 Months duration
  • Quality Management Bootcamp
  • Case studies on Quality Management
  • Flexible Learning Program
  • Extensive Content for Self-Learning
  • Downloadable content includes E-books, Scratch Cards Practical Exercises/Module Tests/Assessments/Projects
  • Resume support
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Course Completion Certificate