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Executive M.Tech in Big Data and Blockchain – IIT Patna

600 hours
30 Lessons

Blockchain and Big Data are the emerging technologies that are …

What you'll learn
To understand the need for big data, challenges and different analytical architectures
To understand the history, types and applications of blockchain
To acquire knowledge about cryptography and consensus algorithms
To identify network vulnerabilities and apply various security mechanisms
Design and implement databases depending on various design issues
Implement algorithms, and estimate their potential effectiveness
Design blockchain-based applications with Swarm and IPFS
Understand the value of statistics as a discipline and its relevance for engineering

AWS Devops Engineering Professional

14 hours
42 Lessons

AWS DevOps Engineering Professional Online Course helps professionals to prepare …

What you'll learn
Pass the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification (DOP-C01)
Create automations between all the various AWS services
All Hands-On advanced course to provide you the experience needed to pass the exam
Perform operations that will teach you real-world skills

Data Analyst Live Training

75 hours
51 Lessons

In today's world, properly leveraged data can give organizations of …

What you'll learn
Connect MS Power BI to simple datasets in MS Excel and SQL
Build simple data models within MS Power BI
Select and execute appropriate Visualisations within MS Power BI
Create a dashboard to explore data and answer queries using MS Power BI
Publish and share insightful reports to stakeholders using MS Power BI
Run fundamental analytics using the DAX language
Understand how to use Power BI Online and Power BI Desktop
Perform Big Data Analytics using Real World Scenario
Transform Big Data and customize
Create Powerful Visualization based on Big Data

Kubernetes Training

15 hours
52 Lessons

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized …

What you'll learn
Understand Kubernetes Core Concepts
Deploy a Kubernetes cluster
Secure cluster objects using TLS Certificates
Leverage Kubernetes Networking Concepts
Deploy Services and Load Balancers to route traffic
Implement different Pod Scheduling techniques
Use various Controllers to manage your applications
Create and use Persistent Storage for your applications
Secure your cluster against unauthorized access
Monitor and log your cluster events
Troubleshoot application and cluster failures