Job Assistance Program


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Are you stuck in Searching a right job?

  • Tried to upload your resume at various job portals and still not able to find the right opportunities?
  • Seeking opportunity at your local place ?
  • Looking for Job Satisfaction with proper hike and good growth?
  • Not working currently or left your job long back and looking for new options to enter again ?
  • Looking for opportunities in India as well as abroad ?
  • Are you Certified by various training and skills and looking for opportunities to implement them in your new organization?
  • Do you have a good experience and finding it difficult to apply on the right place to find the job?
  • Are you looking for some better assistance that could provide you lifetime growth and recommendations ?
  • Are you seeking opportunities IT Software, Hardware and Networking, Human Resource, Construction or Healthcare?
  • Are you serious for the above and looking to land yourself on a better platform?

What we expect from you !

  • Your updated resume to check out for your eligibility and available opportunities.
  • All self attested scanned copies of your documents whenever required and asked by official mail of the organization.
  • Good conversation and ability to pitch out your requirement in search of your job opportunities.
  • Keeping patience and healthy discussion with concerned Consultant/Job Expert,
  • Wait time of not more than 30 days from start of your journey in Job Search, within this period we assure you to give best results.
  • Good reference from Candidate are welcomed to strengthen our Client-Referral-Certybox proposals.

What we do with your Profile?

  1. We fetch you relevant opportunities on time.
  2. We buildup your trust with various HRs, Referral Employees, and Organizations.
  3. We work on your Profile – Resume as well as Linkedin
  4. We give you right assistance for you future growth and opportunities.
  5. We discuss your needs in the present and value your time and money as well.
  6. We discuss your past experience and guide you how to achieve more.
  7. We circulate your resume on your behalf with best profile matching.
  8. We make you stand different from the crowd by proper guidance from various sources.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Certybox Job Assistance does not guarantee any jobs/interviews. it will maximize your potential and chances of landing a successful job. 
  2. This plan helps candidates highlight their resumes and profile to a prospective employer, that improve the job search experience and profile visibility on the recruiter side. The Final selection is always dependent on the recruiter.
  3. This assistance plan is a complementary offering to learners of select courses/program.
  4. The Certybox Job Assistance Program is valid for 6 months as the period for an applicant to apply for Jobs from the date of plan activation.

Job Assistance Program