Job Assistance Program


Nothing should stand between you and your goals. Winning means a lot of hard work and little bit luck to get the right opportunity. While Certybox Programs ensure to learn new skills, our Job Assistance helps you get closer to the right opportunity.
This is a unique job assistance plan where you get to highlight your Certifications to your prospective employers. And that’s not all, this job assistance plan comes with a plethora of benefits.

  • Job Insights: Access to “Insights” help you compare your application against all other applications received for a particular job
  • Recruiter Action Status: The ability to view the status of job applications whenever a recruiter takes any action
  • Follow-up: Candidates get access to one follow-up per week to a job they have applied to. If not used will be carried forward onto the next week.
  • Chat feature: Initiate chat with the recruiter who has shortlisted your application
  • Improved visibility: A star icon against your application to improve visibility


  • Candidates’ profile pushed among the list of applicants for jobs applied that align with acquired certification
  • Profile highlighted with Institute/Certifying body’ name at the recruiter interface for relevant jobs along with a testimony that the candidate acquired the certification
  • Improve Candidates’ Relevant Rank: Profile rank for improvement for Candidates. The highest-ranked candidates appears at the top of the recruiters
  • A particular set of keywords is provided separately for iimjobs as well for hiist so that learners have relevant job feed

Terms and Conditions

  1. Certybox Job Assistance in association with IIMJobs does not guarantee any jobs/interviews. it will maximize your potential and chances of landing a successful job. 
  2. This plan helps candidates highlight their resumes and profile to a prospective employer, that improve the job search experience and profile visibility on the recruiter side. The Final selection is always dependent on the recruiter.
  3. This assistance plan is a complementary offering to learners of select courses/program.
  4. is not related to any IIM B-Schools. Both are separate and independent entities.
  5. The Certybox Job Assistance Program is valid for 6 months as the period for an applicant to apply for Jobs from the date of plan activation.
  6. A 10-day time period would be given to every learner (of select programs only) for registration before the services are activated.