Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a database technology that acts as a public ledger for Bitcoin and contains every Bitcoin transaction. This course covers the essentials of Blockchain, including money and ledger economics, basic cryptography, Bitcoin Basics, mining, wallets, clients and key management, and Bitcoin commerce.

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About This Course

Blockchain is an immutable transaction ledger which is maintained within a distributed network of peer nodes. This course covers the development of blockchain solutions using Ethereum, with impactful focus on cryptocurrency and the various implementation scenarios that enable business transactions with Smart Contracts.

  • There are more than 4,000 vacancies for Blockchain-skilled professionals alone in the United States, while in India, there are over 1,000 vacancies – LinkedIn
  • The average income of a Blockchain professional is US$85,174 per annum, and with experience, this amount can rise to US$108,777 per annum – Indeed
  • Blockchain solutions are predicted to reach up to US$18 billion by 2024 – Statista Report

Learning Objectives

Insights into the Blockchain technology and its platforms. Structure and mechanism of Blockchain
Understand how Bitcoin transactions are stored and mined on a Blockchain
Develop your private Blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum
How to develop and test your business network on Hyperledger Composer and how-to setup a private Blockchain on MultiChain platform.

Target Audience

  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Support Professionals
  • Product Managers
  • Professionals who want to leverage Bitcoin technology in their field of expertise


95 Lessons30h

Introduction to Digital Currency

Introduction to Currency
Introduction to Blockchain
Types of Blockchain
Practical Blockchain
Introduction to Bitcoin
Practical Exercise

Basics of Blockchain

Basic Bitcoin Technology

Working with Bitcoin

Blockchain in Action and IoT

Blockchain Architectural Components and Platforms

Bitcoin Internals and Wallet Configuration

Securing Blockchain Implementations

Developing with Blockchain

Implementing Smart Contracts Using Ethereum

Blockchain Case Studies



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Duration 30 hours
95 lectures

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