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Advanced C++ Programming

25 hours
47 Lessons

C++ helps to solidify knowledge of programming concepts and provides …

What you'll learn
Flow of control
Polymorphism and inheritance
C++ Type System
Heap/stack semantics
Stream I/O
C++ Standard Library
C++ 11

Statistics for Data Science

7.5 hours
36 Lessons

Data Science is the hottest job of the 21st century …

What you'll learn
Understand the fundamentals of statistics
How to plot different types of data
Calculate correlation and covariance
Perform hypothesis testing
Make data driven decisions
Understand the mechanics of regression analysis
Learn how to work with different types of data
Distinguish and work with different types of distributions

Natural Language Processing with Python

10 hours
41 Lessons

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a fusion of ML, AI, …

What you'll learn
Understanding of how to use the Natural Language Tool Kit.
Be able to load and manipulate your own text data.
Know how to formulate solutions to text based problems.
Know when it is appropriate to apply solutions.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 – Administration

30 hours
74 Lessons

Microsoft SQL servers are used across many organizations to manage …

What you'll learn
Configure data access and auditing
Manage backup and restore of databases
Manage and monitor SQL Server instances
Manage high availability and disaster recovery

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 – Database Development

30 hours
100 Lessons

Microsoft SQL servers are used across many organizations to manage …

What you'll learn
Design and implement database objects
Implement programmability objects
Manage database concurrency
Optimize database objects and SQL infrastructure

MySQL for Beginners

25 hours
86 Lessons

MySQL is the most popular open source database. This course …

What you'll learn
Learn the concepts of relational database management systems (RDBMS) as well as core design concepts including table and column design.

R Programming for Data Science

12 hours
47 Lessons

R Programming is a language for statistical computing and graphics …

What you'll learn
Understand critical programming language concepts
Configure statistical programming software
Make use of R loop functions and debugging tools
Collect detailed information using R
Learn how to create variables
Understand the Normal distribution

Android App Development for Beginners

15 hours
57 Lessons

Android is the ubiquitous operating system found in millions of …

What you'll learn
Android installation and setup for Android development
Concept of Layout and Views in Android development
Different ways to store your data on an Android device
Lists and Fragments in Android development
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