Statistics for Data Science

Data Science is the hottest job of the 21st century with an average salary of 120,000 USD per year. Now, if you want to foray into the world of data science, you need to have good command over statistics. This in-depth course starts from a complete beginner’s perspective and introduces you to the various facets of statistics and concepts that are required to solve a variety of data science problems.

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About This Course

Statistics provides many backbone theories and techniques for data science and machine learning. It’s an in-demand skill for data scientists by employers as well. A data analyst or scientist must know the core statistics knowledge to perform appropriate data analysis.

Learning Objectives

Understand the fundamentals of statistics
How to plot different types of data
Calculate correlation and covariance
Perform hypothesis testing
Make data driven decisions
Understand the mechanics of regression analysis
Learn how to work with different types of data
Distinguish and work with different types of distributions


  • There is no experience required.

Target Audience

  • Who want a career in Data Science
  • Who want a career in Business Intelligence
  • Business analysts
  • Business executives
  • Individuals who are passionate about numbers and quant analysis
  • Anyone who wants to learn the Statistics and how it is used in the Data Science
  • People who want to start learning statistics
  • People who want to learn the fundamentals of statistics


36 Lessons10h 30m

Inferential Statistics

Gaussian Distribution
Hypothesis testing
T Tests
Skewness & Kurtosis
Linear Regression
Practical Exercise

Descriptive Statistics

Applied Inferential stats

Using Python to Compute & Visualize Statistics

Common Approaches to Sampling Data



Duration 10.5 hours
36 lectures

Material Includes

  • Online, Self Paced Learning
  • Lifetime Access
  • Flexible Learning Program
  • Extensive Content for Self-Learning
  • Practice Tests
  • Course Completion Certificate