Natural Language Processing with Python

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a fusion of ML, AI, and linguistics that enables us to communicate with machines! If you learned this interesting topic, you can easily harness unstructured data, perform sentiment analysis, integrate BI into chat bots, create your own personal assistant, and more.

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About This Course

Natural language processing (NLP) is about developing applications and services that are able to understand human languages like voice search. NLTK toolkit in Python programming language has been extensively being used for natural language processing by companies and offers immense opportunities for your career.

Learning Objectives

Understanding of how to use the Natural Language Tool Kit.
Be able to load and manipulate your own text data.
Know how to formulate solutions to text based problems.
Know when it is appropriate to apply solutions.


  • The candidate must be proficient with Python programming language and have a basic understanding of Machine Learning.

Target Audience

  • Job seekers looking job in IT departments or software development.
  • Students generally wanting to improve their skill set.
  • Existing employees looking for a better role.
  • Senior management, executives to better understanding.


41 Lessons10h


One hot encoding
Discovering relationship between words
Word2vec for word embeddings
Understanding skip-gram model
Word2Vec model for Movie Reviews
Building Word2vec model
Using pre-trained word2vec model

Language Modelling

Sequence to Sequence

Improving Seq2Seq

Python Refresher

Building a chatbot



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Duration 10 hours
41 lectures

Material Includes

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