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Virtual Reality Training

20 hours
22 Lessons

It’s a technology that combines the virtual-world & real-world by …

What you'll learn
How to handle and prevent VR sickness and motion issues.
How to set up the environment and view the key scripts and components necessary for building a VR app.
Learn about the different ways this information can be presented to a user.
About methods to improve performance and optimize a VR app.
How to create VR apps for this platform.

Java Basic Training

15 hours
55 Lessons

Develop your programming skills with Java basics training course. Build …

What you'll learn
Develop a formidable and comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Java.
Achieve a detailed combination of simple and practical approaches to learn Java.

Oracle Certified Professional – Java SE 11 Developer

20 hours
118 Lessons

The exams 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 have been replaced by the …

What you'll learn
Explore Java SE fundamentals, including the Java technology and working with objects.
Examine the Java language, how to declare, initialize, and use variables, as well as how to use operators and decision constructs.
Creating and using arrays and loop constructs, working with methods and method overloading, using encapsulation and constructors, advanced object-oriented concepts, handling errors, and deploying applications are also covered.

Django Training

15 hours
49 Lessons

Django is the most popular web framework which is written …

What you'll learn
You will get better knowledge of programming and how to implement it for actual development requirements in the industrial projects and applications.
Enhanced knowledge on the web development framework. Using this framework, you can develop dynamic websites swiftly.
You will learn how to design, develop, test, support and deploy desktop, custom web, and mobile applications.
Design and improve testing and maintenance activities and procedures.
Design, implement and develop important applications in a Django environment.

Data Science Essentials

15 hours

This is a complete Data Science through a rigorous curriculum …

What you'll learn
Introduction and importance
Data acquisition and Data Science lifecycle
Experimentation, evaluation and project deployment tools
Different algorithms used
Predictive analytics and segmentation using clustering
Data Scientist roles and responsibilities
Deploying recommended systems on real-world data sets
Work on data mining, data structures and data manipulation.

Python Basics Training

10 hours
22 Lessons

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of Python with …

What you'll learn
Write Python scripts and test code
Programmatically download and analyze data
Implement the techniques to deal with different types of data – ordinal, categorical, encoding
Create data visualization
Use Python notebooks and master the art of presenting step-by-step data analysis

Python Advanced Training

100 hours
122 Lessons

Python course helps you gain expertise in Quantitative Analysis, data …

What you'll learn
Programmatically download and analyze data
Learn techniques to deal with different types of data – ordinal, categorical, encoding
Learn data visualization
Using I python notebooks, master the art of presenting step by step data analysis
Gain insight into the ‘Roles’ played by a Machine Learning Engineer
Describe Machine Learning
Work with real-time data
Learn tools and techniques for predictive modeling
Discuss Machine Learning algorithms and their implementation
Validate Machine Learning algorithms
Explain Time Series and its related concepts
Perform Text Mining and Sentimental analysis
Gain expertise to handle business in future, living the present

AI and ML with Python

20 hours
54 Lessons
All Levels

Learn the essential foundations of AI: the programming tools (Python, …

What you'll learn
Basics of Deep Learning techniques
Understanding artificial neural networks
Training a neural network using the training data
Convolutional neural networks and its applications
TensorFlow and Tensor processing units
Supervised and unsupervised learning
Machine Learning using Python
Robotic Process Automation
Applications of Deep Learning in image recognition, NLP, etc.