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SAS Programming

24 hours
79 Lessons

SAS is a system of integrated software solutions for managing …

What you'll learn
SAS environment and various windows
SAS Enterprise Guide
Logical statements, operators, and functions
Creating datasets and deploying compilation and execution
SAS graphs and summary reports
Preparing for the SAS Certified Base Programmer certification

Tableau For Data Visualization & Analytics

21 hours
91 Lessons

Tableau is a widely used business intelligence (BI) and analytics …

What you'll learn
Understanding on how data can be transformed by cleaning, splitting, pivoting, and merging techniques.
Understand how to establish connection with data and perform various data preparation steps for visualizing it.
New ways of analysing data, through various features in-built within Tableau.
Create personalized, dynamic visualizations through parameters.
Develop interactive dashboards using actions.
Explore good design practices for dashboards.
Learn to publish and share dashboards and manage permissions to your published data.

Data Science Essentials

15 hours

This is a complete Data Science through a rigorous curriculum …

What you'll learn
Introduction and importance
Data acquisition and Data Science lifecycle
Experimentation, evaluation and project deployment tools
Different algorithms used
Predictive analytics and segmentation using clustering
Data Scientist roles and responsibilities
Deploying recommended systems on real-world data sets
Work on data mining, data structures and data manipulation.

Python Basics Training

10 hours
22 Lessons

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of Python with …

What you'll learn
Write Python scripts and test code
Programmatically download and analyze data
Implement the techniques to deal with different types of data – ordinal, categorical, encoding
Create data visualization
Use Python notebooks and master the art of presenting step-by-step data analysis

Python Advanced Training

25 hours
122 Lessons

Python course helps you gain expertise in Quantitative Analysis, data …

What you'll learn
Programmatically download and analyze data
Learn techniques to deal with different types of data – ordinal, categorical, encoding
Learn data visualization
Using I python notebooks, master the art of presenting step by step data analysis
Gain insight into the ‘Roles’ played by a Machine Learning Engineer
Describe Machine Learning
Work with real-time data
Learn tools and techniques for predictive modeling
Discuss Machine Learning algorithms and their implementation
Validate Machine Learning algorithms
Explain Time Series and its related concepts
Perform Text Mining and Sentimental analysis
Gain expertise to handle business in future, living the present
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