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Develop your programming skills with Java basics training course. Build a firm foundation in Java and get ready to become a Java developer.

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About This Course

Java Basic Training is for Beginners covering all fundamentals of Java. This Java basics training course would help you in gaining insights into the world of Java for the first time and set the foundation for your career as a Java developer.

The noticeable advantages of Java are as follows,

  • Very popular programming language.
  • A large set of standard library classes.
  • The massive base of freely accessible source code.
  • Higher portability of Java programs across major operating systems.
  • Flexibility for decompiling code.

The important reasons for which you should learn Java are as follows,

  • The ranking of Android developer jobs among the top 10 IT jobs and Java being the base language for native Android apps shows the potential of Java.
  • Java is open source and provides assurance of portability, security, and versatility for running on any operating system. The wide range of use cases of Java, including eCommerce websites, bid data technologies, scientific applications, and APIs, presents diverse career choices for learners.

Almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java in their backend architecture. In addition, Java also serves as a vital tool for empowering their systems due to its scalability and speed. According to estimates of Oracle, Java presently runs on more than 3 billion devices all over the world. You can find Java in almost any device such as smartphones, e-readers, automobiles, and medical devices. In addition, some of the notable names such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon also use Java. These reasons are clear indicators of the potential in Java to foster your career growth.


Java developers could earn annual salaries exceeding $100,000, thereby indicating the promising potential in learning more about Java.
According to Salary.com, the average annual salary of a Java developer is almost $93,684 in the US.

Java still continues to be the most popular programming language worldwide. With over 1 million GitHub repositories related to Java and having 68,000 active developers, the community support for Java is unquestionable. In addition, Java is also one of the most discussed technologies on Stack Overflow, thereby showcasing the presence of a large and active community of Java enthusiasts and professionals.

Although there is no prerequisite, you would have to consider the following requirements before you start learning Java.

  • Knowledge of the basics in using a computer and abilities for starting a command-line shell.
  • Beginners in programming must gain a thorough introduction to the world of programming and its applications.
  • Prior knowledge and experience of C++ or other object-oriented programming languages are preferred for learning Java.

Learning Objectives

Develop a formidable and comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Java.
Achieve a detailed combination of simple and practical approaches to learn Java.

Target Audience

  • Beginners aspiring to learn about the basic concepts of Java programming language and expand their domain of expertise can learn Java.
  • Most importantly, Java is a high-level programming language and can be a vital tool for IT professionals in various job roles, including development, solution architecture, or systems administration.


55 Lessons15h

Setting up development environment

Installing JDK and Setting Java Home
Installing Eclipse

Introduction to Java Fundamentals



Conditional Statements


Strings & Arrays

Java OOP







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