RPA Training



Course Overview

As part of the RPA certification training, you will learn about the key concepts of RPA, the UiPath tool for Windows deployment, the creation of RPA bots, the industrial applications of RPA and the key guidelines for implementing RPA, along with hands-on projects and case studies.

Course Curriculum

UiPath tools for RPA

  • Important components of UiPath
  • User Interface automation
  • Recording with UiPath
  • Programming Activities – -Using Data Table
  • Workflow & Citrix manipulation
  • UiPath coding & debugging
  • Screen scraping with
  • Automate and -Orchestrate the Task
  • Create a Scalable Queue Management System


  • 40+ Hrs online learning course-wear covering all objectives.
  • Learning Aids
  • Practice Tests/Mock Tests
  • Practical Exercises
  • 24/7 Support
  • Course Completion Certificate valid for lifetime