Mechatronics Training



Mechatronic System design is a new and emerging advanced product design paradigm, in which knowledge of Mechanical, Electronics, Control and Software engineering are synergistically combined and applied to every stage of the product design process to deliver the most efficient product in terms of size, energy consumption and cost that serves the purpose of controlling advanced hybrid systems, working in the areas of Robotics, condition monitoring, intelligent automation systems, and Machine Vision systems.

There is a growing demand for fully automatic and intelligent systems in every sphere of human life, which includes:

  • Robotics
  • Automobiles (including Self-driving Cars and Automated Highway Systems)
  • Aero-Space control systems (for Mobile robots, UAV, UWV, Satellite, etc.)
  • Industrial automation, etc.

This course covers complete aspects of Mechatronic system design through various modules like:

  • modelling mechanical system, sensors, signal conditioners,microcontroller;
  • embedded controller, actuators, real time operating systems,control engineering.
  • embedded Controller design applicable to: Automobiles (Engine Management System EMS), Aero-space (Quadcopter controller), Robotics (Mobile Robot Guidance system)

The course is an important one and job orienting in nature which opens a lot of career scopes for the candidates after having it.


A mechatronic engineer has broad diversified knowledge in a variety of fields while a mechanical engineer has in-depth knowledge in less number of fields as compared to mechatronic engineer.


  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Automobile & Mechatronics Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Professor-Mechatronics