IoT Training



Internet of Things as a buzzword has caught the attention of all of us. This course will help you gain adequate knowledge on the Internet of Things. You will be able to understand the potential of the Internet of Things for our society, in terms of impact on the lives of billions of people and on the world economy.

You will also understand the underlying technology that powers the Internet of Things, as well as the challenges that comes with such technologies. We will explore many real-life examples of IoT devices that are commercially available, and you will have a glimpse of the future of the Internet of Things.

Course Components

  • Video lectures of about 10 hour of duration that cover introduction to IoT, different protocols and future of the IoT
  • End of module tests to test your knowledge
  • Additional Material

Course Objectives

After the completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • Explain what is the Internet of Things
  • Understand how Internet of Things devices interact together & with users
  • Learn about the protocols used by Internet of Things devices
  • Discover the different platforms that are available to develop applications
  • Learn about commercially available devices that are already using the Internet of Things
  • Understand the current challenges of the Internet of Things

Who should take this course?

Anyone with an interest in the Internet of Things, those who intend to know the potential and wish to build a career in the field.