Is PMP useful for engineers?


Is PMP useful for engineers?

Project Management concepts are applicable to all industries. It is a well renowned & respected certification. It is one of the top 10 certifications in the world. Professionals from IT industries or non-IT industries like Manufacturing, Automobiles, Aerospace, Oil & Gas etc. also follow the Project Management concepts.

PMP Scope– It is a well renowned & respected certification. Scope of PMP is excellent. Many companies have made it mandatory for the PMs to attain a PMP or equivalent certification. You will find many JDs saying “PMP mandatory”. If you do not have the certification then you are not considered for the PM designation. This might restrict your career progress.

Salary Hike  Another reason to do PMP is salary. According to PMI’s Salary Survey  – those with a PMP certification garner a higher salary (20{b70d0765ca39f2596dbc297ea355d977781cb3f8756e7593c30ded776020f4ad} higher on average) than those without a PMP certification.

PMP Requirement

There are 2 requirements to appear for PMP certification –

1. Project Management Experience

2. 35 hours of Project Management Education

Project Management Experience

1. You need 4500 hrs of PM experience, if you have a 4 years degree (bachelors degree or global equivalent).

2. You need 7500 hrs of PM experience, if you have secondary degree (high school diploma or global equivalent).

The PM experience should be in a leading & directing projects. PM role is mandatory before applying for the exam. However, PM role is not equivalent to PM designation/title. PM role means that you should have managed full or part of a project. Your role in the project could be of PMO Executive, vendor management, team management, client management etc. The projects could be related to any industry. They could be big or small, technical or non-technical etc.

PMP Training Modes

You can get PMP training in 3 different modes.

  • Classroom Training
  • Self-learning mode – simply called online training
  • Instructor-led mode – called live online training

*Out of these self-learning courses are cheapest.

Classroom Training- The classroom training courses are the best for learning. They can increase the chances of your success substantially. To do a classroom training, you should find the best trainer in your city. You would be spending 4 days with the trainer. Classroom courses are usually most expensive. The classroom training can cost between $200-$2500 depending on your geography/country.

Self-Learning Courses- These courses are good if you have got good self-discipline & self-motivation. You can save a lot of money by taking a good self-learning course – usually a good course costs between $300-$500.

Instructor Led Courses- These courses are good if you need a defined training schedule with some flexibility. These are much better for learning than self-learning courses but they are not as good as classroom courses. These are more expensive than self-learning courses but somewhat less expensive than classroom courses – usually a good instructor led course costs between $600-$2000.

How Certybox helps you in getting PMP training?

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