Virtual Reality Training

It’s a technology that combines the virtual-world & real-world by overlaying the digital interactive content on the Existing world, through three-dimensional Holographic Images to interface the end user. Most of the technologies are emerging in the new steam of scope for making human interaction more familiar with machines operation and utilization in different sectors like education, Life sciences, Designing technologies to make many efficient Humanoids. VR & AR technologies make an environment to accreditation the information, Operations & Implementation of a product lifecycle to develop the innovative and interactive human Applicants.

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About This Course

Virtual reality is a fairly broad set of technologies ultimately designed to trick the senses. In this course, you will learn about the types of VR, the equipment used, and how that relates to the immersiveness of the VR environment.

This course is aimed at content creators, developers, and designers who are looking to learn or enhance their skills by designing for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Learning Objectives

How to handle and prevent VR sickness and motion issues.
How to set up the environment and view the key scripts and components necessary for building a VR app.
Learn about the different ways this information can be presented to a user.
About methods to improve performance and optimize a VR app.
How to create VR apps for this platform.

Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in virtual reality or creating a virtual reality application


22 Lessons20h

Introduction to Virtual Reality

What Is Virtual Reality?
VR Hardware
Developing VR Applications

Manipulating the VR Environment

Creating a Virtual Reality App with Unity

User Interfaces in Virtual Reality

Optimizing for Unity VR

Android Cardboard and Unity VR

Using GoogleVR and Unreal



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Duration 20 hours
22 lectures

Material Includes

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