Certybox Enhances User Support with New Closed Captions in More than 5 Multi-lingual Languages

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Certybox Enhances User Support with New Closed Captions in More than 5 Multi-lingual Languages

We are now enhanced our courses with multi-lingual Languages subtitles and allowing our subscribers everywhere now have the ability to enjoy closed caption display in more than 5 languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi using our player in Learning Management System.  As an added benefit, Certybox’s new Subtitle feature allows subscribers to translate courses into more 5 languages, expanding its reach to even more professionals and students.  

By making courses available with closed caption functions subtitles in more than 5 Regional languages, We reinforces our commitment to make our courses accessible to Sub-urban and Rural India so that businesses can stay ahead of the curve in this technology-driven market.  Online training provides employees and businesses alike with an opportunity to have access to industry experts at any time while being able to work at their own pace.  

“New function closed captions are just example of how we continue to challenge our Subject Matter Expert and team to find ways to improve our customer’s user experience and make courses accessible to more people, no matter how they learn or what language they speak.” 

To access the new functions, Our subscribers are directed to a new “CC” tab on tool bar icon next to some of its most popular course, signifying that a course is available with closed captions.  With convenience always in mind, Certybox subscribers select a language preference upon first use, which is then stored within a user profile with closed captions appearing in the user’s preferred language for each subsequent use.  For non-English subtitles, Certybox uses the Google Translate AI service and users are able to switch languages at any time. 

We hope that this will help companies enhance their employee training programs and will encourage job seekers, entrepreneurs and employees around the world to diversify and strengthen their skill sets, which has become crucial as more people telecommute, work remotely or are required to perform new job functions outside of their current knowledge base.

Over 10% of Certybox courses are now available with the new closed caption functions.  The team plans to expand its subtitles library and is committed to transcribing any new courses that come out based on subscriber priority and demand as well as updating select older courses with closed captions.

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