Profile Assessment



For Clients and Employers,these profile assessments will enable your internal hiring team to more objectively streamline the screening and candidate selection throughout the job search and employment process. By implementing assessments and profile testing, Companies can pre-qualify candidates, thereby increasing their interview-to-hire ratio and reducing their overall recruitment production.

For Candidates and Employees, there are a variety of reports that will assist you in providing insight into: individual personality traits, the kinds of work an individual may enjoy, and how they can manage career change. Many of these reports can provide a solid and knowledgeable base for determining professional growth.

Course Description

With a simple 25 minute online experience, it measures the hard-wired traits and abilities that determine how a person thinks, learns and behaves.

At Certybox, the belief is that the only thing that matters is we ll solve a problem for their clients or helps them to makes more effective job/career related decisions.

The features are –

Quick – Completed online in less than 30 minutes.

Easy to use – A simple invitation process with an equally simple way to get the reports.

Easy to understand – No special training or certification to use it.

Actionable information – Something beyond “interesting” or “accurate” that actually bring out your job strengths and areas of improvement.


It involves the following steps –

Step 1 – Upload your resume at below form and Once it has been done then our team will contact you. Once all the procedure will be completed then our team share a link with you on your email address. The link is valid and active for a period of 15 days. Kindly take the test within 15 days of receiving the link.

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Step 2 – In the link, there is a 2 part questionnaire that you have to fill. This questionnaire requires 25 minutes of non-interrupted time from you; your first thought is usually the best answer. There are no trick questions. Frank and honest answers will give you the best information about your strengths. You will find this experience to be both positive and challenging.

Step 3 – A team of professionals will analyze and evaluate in detail your areas of improvement. Accordingly, recommendations and other useful inputs are provided to you.

Please note – The recommendations and interactions are only in the form of Emails. You will receive your recommendations within 3-5 working days after you have taken the test.

It is a unique talent optimization system for your personality development based on the BIG 5 Model which enables you to know your core capabilities, traits and competencies.

Measuring how you think, learn, and behave, it allows you to know the hard wired traits and cognitive abilities of yourself, therefore helping you to train harder and work on yourself to be a leader.

The reports give results that are highly reliable, accurate and can be easily interpreted. You benefit immensely from these reports.