Data Science Job Guarantee Program


Data Science Job Guarantee Program is covered under the Certybox – a job guarantee or money back program.. This is one of the best Data Science certification for candidates who do not have a programming background but want to acquire job oriented practical skills on a prominent open-source Data Science platform. After completing this course, you will be able to apply robust data science solutions for your organization’s data management needs that are key to business decision making.

The course curriculum starts by introducing you with Building Blocks of Data Science covering data science foundations, concepts, and basic programming elements.

The next stage covers Data Visualization and Analytics (Excel, SQL & Tableau) elaborating on data extraction, manipulation, analysis, reporting, and building intuitive business dashboards.

Next, you will learn Python for Data science in two stages. The first one covers core Python, NumPy, and Pandas for data analysis. In the second stage, the course covers advanced data visualization using in-demand Python libraries. After this, you move to learn the highly valuable skills of Predictive Modeling and Machine learning including supervised and unsupervised learning.


Data Science Job Guarantee Program is covered under the Certybox – a job guarantee or money back program. We will refund 100% of your paid tuition fee, excluding taxes, if you are not offered the Qualifying Position within 6 months of receiving the certificate of completion, subjected to the stipulated requirements and terms.

Data Science is an integrative discipline of science that uses scientific procedures, processes, algorithms, tools, techniques, & technologies to take out knowledge and information from huge amounts of unstructured and untuned data. Data science is correlated with machine learning, data mining, and big data fields.


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