Program in Augmented Reality(AR) &

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

A New Way Augmented Reality is Meeting Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality seem ideally suited to one another. An augmented reality application could be greatly served by incorporating AI into it. AI would allow AR to interact with physical environments on a multidimensional level by incorporating real world object tagging, for example.

Augmented reality applications for industrial uses such as those in manufacturing—whether it’s to bolster complex assembly, support maintenance or repair technicians, or for quality assurance—are generally reported on as being in the experimental phase.  There haven’t really been any breakthrough industrial applications in augmented reality, partially because the technology is new, and partly because the tools that software developers are limited in scope.

Augmented Reality is one of the hottest topics in computer science and now with the availability of high powered mobile devices with their top quality cameras, the technology is literally in the palm of your hand.  Lots of automobiles companies has now signing up with this technology. For Example, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Toyota, and Volvo have all signed up to work with the technology. Alibaba-backed startup WayRay takes the route of projecting the AR data directly onto the car windshield, giving navigation prompts, right-of-way information, lane identification, and hazard detection. The practical applications are there, and the potential benefits are enormous. There’s clearly a lot that augmented reality can do for manufacturing.

As new skills emerge, governments, educational institutions and employers should consider how they can most effectively develop learning programs that equip people with the skills they will need to keep up with the modern economy.

In regard to above concern, we categorized this course, specifically for those who are understanding the trends that are shaping the future of the labor market, and have commitment to invest in lifelong opportunities that can help students, adapt the rapid economic shifts.

Job Roles-

  • Chief Technology officer
  • Game Developer
  • R&D Engineer
  • AR-VR Engineer
  • Mechanical Process Engineer

Course Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to AI 00:00:00
Introduction to Agents 00:00:00
Problem Solving using Search- (Single agent) 00:00:00
Problem Solving using Search- (Two agent) 00:00:00
Constraint satisfaction problems 00:00:00
Knowledge Representation and Logic 00:00:00
Representation formalism 00:00:00
Planning 00:00:00
Reasoning with Uncertainty – Probabilistic reasoning 00:00:00
Reasoning with uncertainty-Fuzzy Reasoning 00:00:00
Machine Learning 00:00:00
Natural Language Processing 00:00:00
Augmented Reality (AR)
Building to Mobiles 00:00:00
2D Image Recognition and Tracking 00:00:00
Image Tracker Projects 00:00:00
GPS and Compass Integration 00:00:00
3D Object Recognition and Tracking 00:00:00
Markerless Tracking 00:00:00

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