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Executive M.Tech in Big Data and Blockchain – IIT Patna

Blockchain and Big Data are the emerging technologies that are on the highest agendas of thefirms. These are significantly expected to transform the ways in which the business as well asthe firm run.

Enrolment validity: Lifetime

About This Course

The objective of the Master Blockchain and Big Data by IIT Patna is to offer students a comprehensive vision of the technologies of decentralization, or blockchains, and of bigdataanalysis. This course will give students the opportunity to become the protagonist of a revolutionin the making, which demands professionals with specific training in the most sophisticatedcompanies and organizations.

Learning Objectives

To understand the need for big data, challenges and different analytical architectures
To understand the history, types and applications of blockchain
To acquire knowledge about cryptography and consensus algorithms
To identify network vulnerabilities and apply various security mechanisms
Design and implement databases depending on various design issues
Implement algorithms, and estimate their potential effectiveness
Design blockchain-based applications with Swarm and IPFS
Understand the value of statistics as a discipline and its relevance for engineering


  • The program is designed for working professionals with at least Two years of relevant work experience to the course.
  • An aspiring student should have a B.Tech / BE / MSc (Com Sc/IT) / MCA / ME/ M.Techgraduation degree.
  • At least a 60% in aggregate over the entire duration of the undergraduate programor aminimum CGPA or CPI of 6.0 on the scale of 0-10 with corresponding proportional requirements when the scales are other than 0-10 (for example, 4.8 on a scale of 0-8).

Target Audience

  • Industry freshers who have been working for a minimum period of two years and midlevel professionals aspiring to learn while earning, upskilling their career, and looking for a career progression in these streams.
  • Professionals working in the following roles can apply for this program- Junior Blockchain Developers; Data Architect; Blockchain Developers; Database Developers; Backend Chain Developers; Data Scientists; Big Data Engineers; Database Administrators; Data Analysts; Advanced Business Intelligence Developers


30 Lessons600h

Semester 1

Algorithms: Design and implementation
Big data frameworks
Blockchain Fundamentals
Database systems – Design and implementations
Exploratory Data Analytics

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Blockchain Electives

Big Data Electives



Duration 600 hours
30 lectures

Material Includes

  • Program Duration - 2 Years
  • Live online sessions - 3 Days a week
  • Session frequency 2 to 4 hours engaging sessions
  • Immersive sessions at IIT Patna campus 15 days each year, 30 days in total
  • Model of delivery Live sessions and flexible self learning