Advanced Android App Development

Advanced Android app is designed for .NET developers. C# and .NET Core combined give developers a new sense of robustness, flexibility, and efficiency to build amazing applications inside and outside the MS ecosystem.

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About This Course

Advanced Android App Development course provides an overview of the tools used in the Android development process, provides step-by-step coverage of the tools installation process, their setup, and the respective roles of each. This course introduces the tools used in Android development from the perspective of someone with a .NET development background but is appropriate for anyone with software development experience who is interested in learning Android application development. In this course, you will learn about the Xamarin platform and specifically how it is used to develop mobile Android applications.

Learning Objectives

Understand Xamarin architecture
Understand Xamarin.Android fundamentals
Build UI with XAML and code
Work with images, display data beautifully and create interactive lists
Implement multi-page apps with navigation, tabs, master/detail pages
Write platform specific code for Android to access native features
Test and deploy the app to emulators, simulators, and real devices
Defensive Programming in Android


  • Pre-requisites - Anyone who wants to learn this course should have a basic knowledge of C# programming language.
  • Tools/SDK/IDE- Visual Studio 2017/Visual Studio for Android SDK

Target Audience

  • All students and professionals who are keen to develop mobile apps using Xamarin and C# should go for this course


32 Lessons25h

Xamarin For .NET

Xamarin Basics
Xamarin System Requirements
Xamarin Development IDE – Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio
Xamarin Architecture

Xamarin Development

Developing Android Applications

Android fundamentals

Development solutions

Advanced Android

Defensive Programming in Android



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Duration 25 hours
32 lectures

Material Includes

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