Talent Management Program

The Talent manager maintains and coordinates organization-wide efforts to ensure that performance management (PM) and quality improvement (QI) programs are developed and managed using a data-driven focus that sets priorities for improvements aligned to ongoing strategic imperatives. This position will also conduct full life cycle recruitment in sourcing the best talent for their respective company, as well as maintaining effective programs for retention, promotion and succession planning.


In the recent days, the HR Department of any organization is vested with the responsibility of managing the Talent in addition to its conventional function of providing good human capital to an organization. The scope of Talent Management is quite wide and adopts an integrative approach to the functions mentioned above. The purpose is to have a synergistic effect between the various activities so as to ensure a maximum effect.

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Course Curriculum

Talent Management
Talent Basics 00:00:00
History 00:00:00
Emergence 00:00:00
Evolution 00:00:00
Talent Management 00:00:00
The Talent Management Process 00:00:00
Current Application of Talent Management 00:00:00
Enterprise Systems Integration 00:00:00
Opportunities and Challenges
The Application of Talent Management 00:00:00
Basics 00:00:00
Significance and Benefits 00:00:00
Talents Acquisition 00:00:00
Talent Management and Business Strategy 00:00:00
Financial Perspective of Talent Management
Hallmarks of Future-Focused Talent Management 00:00:00
HR’s Role 00:00:00
Financial Benefits 00:00:00
Talent Marketplace 00:00:00
Strategic Workforce Planning
Workforce management (WFM) 00:00:00
Workforce Planning Definitions 00:00:00
Competency 00:00:00
Talent Acquisition
Recruitment 00:00:00
Employee Value Proposition 00:00:00
Assessment 00:00:00
Employee Induction 00:00:00
Performance Measurement
Performance measurement in education 00:00:00
Top Ten Reasons for a Performance Measurement System 00:00:00
Measurement System 00:00:00
Types of Measurement 00:00:00
Bench marking and Methods of Evaluation 00:00:00
External Assessment Goals 00:00:00
External Assessment Methods 00:00:00
Succession Management and Career Planning 00:00:00
Potential Measurement
People Potential Performance Model 00:00:00
Talent Development
Training and Development 00:00:00
Coaching 00:00:00
Game-Learning 00:00:00
Employee Retention
Employee Retention Introduction 00:00:00
The Cost of Turnover 00:00:00
Herzberg’s Theory 00:00:00
Equity Theory 00:00:00
Retention Programs 00:00:00
Retention Tools and Resources 00:00:00
Join, Stay, Leave Model 00:00:00
Outsourcing Employee Retention Program 00:00:00
Assigning Responsibilities Communication Between the Employees 00:00:00
Solutions offered by HRIS 00:00:00
Competency Based Management
Purpose 00:00:00
Purpose 00:00:00
Talent Management Integration
Need 00:00:00
Features 00:00:00
Leadership Performance 00:00:00
Talent Life Cycle 00:00:00
Standards 00:00:00

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