Purchasing is to source the items and procure the items from the supplier to the  buying organization .Role of purchasing would involve :

Identification of Need, defining the Specification of the product / service you would be buying, Working out on RFQ/RFP/ Tendering, management of evaluation of offers from Supplier, raising Purchase Orders, monitoring & follow up on Order Acknowledgement and ASN – advance shipment notifications ,with warehouse for receipt of materials, on presentation of Suppliers Invoice for payment actions, Performance management of suppliers, engaging into contracts for high value procurement and post contract management of contract are also to be covered in the procurement role, dispute and reconciliation with supplier for logistics materials and payment.


A authorized purchase manager knows how to design, build, and sustain a highly efficient purchasing & supply chain department & gain all the knowledge and practical skills needed to improve as a purchasing professional.

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Course Curriculum

Materials Management
Objectives of Materials Management 00:00:00
Functions of Materials Management 00:00:00
Organisation of Materials Management 00:00:00
Need, Scope and Functions of Integrated Material Management 00:00:00
Materials Planning
Need of Materials Planning 00:00:00
Factors affecting Materials Planning 00:00:00
Tools of Materials Planning 00:00:00
Principles and Procedure for Materials Planning 00:00:00
Basic concepts of MRP (Material Requirements Planning) 00:00:00
MRP Processing 00:00:00
Computer Application to MRP Process 00:00:00
MRP reports – Database recording and maintenance 00:00:00
Independent and dependent MRP system 00:00:00
Materials Budgeting
Basic concepts of Materials Budgeting 00:00:00
Factors affecting Materials Budget 00:00:00
Materials Budgeting and Accounting 00:00:00
Material Classification, Standardization and Codification
Material classification for variety reduction 00:00:00
Material classification on the basis of Value Analysis 00:00:00
Basic concepts of codification 00:00:00
Systems of codification 00:00:00
Classification by codification 00:00:00
Objectives and scope of standardization 00:00:00
Simplification/Variety of reduction 00:00:00
Levels of standard 00:00:00
Material Handling
Importance and Objectives of Material Handling 00:00:00
Methods and Practices of Material Handling 00:00:00
Equipments for Material Handling 00:00:00
Containerizations 00:00:00
Waste Management – Surplus and Obsolete 00:00:00
Damage and Pilferage 00:00:00
Cost Analysis 00:00:00
Stores Management and Warehousing
Stores Management and Warehousing 00:00:00
Types of Stores – Centralized and decentralized 00:00:00
Functions of stores 00:00:00
Stores Layout, Storage Media and Physical Verification 00:00:00
Factors affecting successful Store-keeping 00:00:00
Warehouse Management System (WMS) 00:00:00
Warehouse operating principles 00:00:00
Strategy for warehousing 00:00:00
Planning Warehouse distribution 00:00:00
Warehouse Layout 00:00:00
Automatic Warehousing 00:00:00
Schemes of Automatic Warehousing 00:00:00
Inventory Management
Types of Inventory 00:00:00
Types of Inventory Costs and factors affecting 00:00:00
Inventory Management Models – Deterministic and Probabilistic Models 00:00:00
Techniques of Inventory Control 00:00:00
Inventory Performance Measurement (Ratio Analysis) 00:00:00
Purchase Management System
Objectives of Purchasing 00:00:00
Functions and responsibilities of Purchase Department 00:00:00
Methods of Purchasing 00:00:00
Purchase Department Organization 00:00:00
JIT Purchasing – Prerequisites and Elements 00:00:00
Vendor Management
System of Vendor evaluation 00:00:00
Parameters for evaluation of Vendors Performance 00:00:00
Social Audit 00:00:00
Total evaluation – Purchasing Performance, Quantitative Objects etc 00:00:00
Guidelines for purchase through tender and negotiation tender committee 00:00:00
Purchase Review 00:00:00
Value Analysis System
Value Analysis – Procedure and Approach 00:00:00
Tools for Value Analysis 00:00:00
Negotiation Skills
Basic approaches for Negotiation 00:00:00
Strategy and Planning for Negotiation 00:00:00
Tactics of effective negotiation 00:00:00
Quality Control
Components and characteristics of quality 00:00:00
Objectives and functions of quality control 00:00:00
Acceptance sampling – Principles and Practices 00:00:00
Double and Multiple Sampling 00:00:00
OC and AOQ Curve 00:00:00
Stock Keeping and Accounting
Maintaining Database system 00:00:00
Preparing reports 00:00:00
Managing Queries 00:00:00
Legal Framework
The Indian Contract Act, 1872 00:00:00
The Sales of Goods Act, 1930 00:00:00
Special Purchase Contracts 00:00:00
Goods Delivery 00:00:00

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