HR Staffing Management Program

Staffing is the function of management, which is concerned with selecting, developing, maintaining and utilizing the manpower such that the objectives of the organization are achieved economically and effectively including executive recruiters  that moderate candidature for Job search and job recruitment. The objectives of individual employees of the organization are accomplished to the highest degree possible, serving in the process the objectives of the community at large.

Today’s companies need HR recruiters who can deliver across a spectrum of evolving requirements and market dynamics. HR executives are risk managers, culture coaches, legal experts, and personnel arbitrators. But as financial and global competitive pressures increase, finding, hiring, and retaining top talent is undoubtedly foremost on their strategic agendas.

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Course Curriculum

Strategic Staffing
What is Strategic Staffing? 00:00:00
Comparison between Strategic and Traditional Staffing 00:00:00
Components of Strategic Staffing 00:00:00
Goals of Strategic Staffing 00:00:00
Functional areas of HRM 00:00:00
Staffing Strategies
Business Strategies of a firm 00:00:00
Talent Management 00:00:00
Strategic Staffing Decision 00:00:00
Legal Framework
Employment Relationships 00:00:00
Employment Opportunities 00:00:00
Rule and Regulations in staffing management 00:00:00
Employment Lawsuits 00:00:00
Strategic Job Analysis
Job description and person specification 00:00:00
Types of job analysis 00:00:00
Methods of Job analysis 00:00:00
Planning and Executing a job analysis 00:00:00
Job Reward Analysis 00:00:00
Staffing Planning
Process of workforce planning 00:00:00
Forecasting and planning labor demand and supply 00:00:00
Managing labor demand and supply gap of a firm 00:00:00
Concept of sourcing 00:00:00
Types of recruiting sources 00:00:00
Designing a sourcing plan 00:00:00
Global sourcing 00:00:00
Geographic targeting 00:00:00
Process of recruiting 00:00:00
Effective recruitment strategies 00:00:00
Skills as a recruiter – Training and development strategies 00:00:00
Recruiting Metrics 00:00:00
Applicants attraction strategies 00:00:00
Assessment Methods
Types of measurement 00:00:00
Benchmarking and methods of evaluation 00:00:00
External assessment goals and methods 00:00:00
External assessment plans 00:00:00
Internal assessment goals and methods 00:00:00
Succession management and career planning 00:00:00
Workforce Management
Orientation and Socialization 00:00:00
Managing workforce flow 00:00:00
Voluntary and Involuntary employee separation 00:00:00
Staffing System Evaluation
Measuring staffing outcomes 00:00:00
Methods of evaluating staffing systems 00:00:00

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